So we left Plymouth about 1030 am with Big Tone driving and Dad in the front comfort seats and behind myself and Rob tightly packed in Tony's Kompressor C200.

Quick stop off to pick up the German Chris at the Barn Owl and have a quick hot drink for the road in Exshitter to make the back seat even more a tight fit.

The Coffee at the Barn Owl proved to nearly be a rookie mistake as getting to Richmond and being stumped by non moving traffic cost us the opening two minutes. 

Running across the main road from parking up we were faced with a compact but tidy Kingsmeadow. 

We really didn't get much chance to have a look around because the game was a minute or two in and priority of just finding a vantage point to actually watch the game from our sold out terrace proving tricky.

A poor first half from both teams who neither really going other than a good rush from his line from McCormick to smother a one on one and a few bits of play from the dons from wide left looking the only danger from the cross.

Half time and a trip to a shack of a toilet. The the cistern pipe popping off whilst me and dad stood at the urinal taking a piss! Great.

Back to the game and two minute after the restart Argyle had not noticed the danger as the Dons again working the ball down the left well delivered a beautiful cross for Charlton Athletic Loanee Michael Smith to head past Luke from 4-5 yards out.

Second half showed lots of effort from both teams but lacked quality until 88 minutes when 17 year old Ben Purrington  playing only his second game at left back after his debut against oxford only a couple days before clipped a great diagonal ball over the back four of the Dons for Reid to gamble on the shoulder of the LB Kennedy and fire it first time into the far corner past the hapless Worner.

Neither team had much quality but a point probably a fair result and we leave Wimbledon with 7 points out of a possible 9 so all in all a decent return.

Next up the Torquay at Home Park New Years day.

Semper Fidelis.