So after a few weeks of working Saturday's starved me of my football fix at Home Park I left at 5pm still in need of a fix.

The greens started the game with a quick tempo and on the front foot until 10 minutes in and the referee deemed Trotman to of caught the striker as he was about to pull the trigger.

Harsh was an understatement, Without the ability I only had one look at it but seemed Trotts got a solid foot on the ball.

Anyway as with the letter of the law the, The man in black pointed to the spot and sent Trotman on his way.

Those two decisions in the 10th minute ended the game as a spectacle. Fletcher sent Cole the wrong way from the spot and then just before the break the impressive McCombe latched on to another in the box to put York 2 up at the break.

Down to 10 for nearly the whole game took its toll and in the last 5 York scored another two to give Argyle there worst home defeat in 19 years.

Awful score but on paper doesn't really do justice on a game ruined by a decision or two.