Due to the fact we're now in a World Cup year it wont be long before the nation gets gripped in the usual excitement of world cup fever, Or will it?

Recent national tournaments have been a nightmare due to many factors, and the reasons for England's failures at the biggest stage in the world is often the cause of discussion before, during and after the finals.

I will try to give my opinion to why we are still waiting 48 years later since we lasted tasted glory.
The quarter final seems to be now regarded as a successful showing similar to gaining 4th Champions League spot in the Premiership, to me this is a sign of failure and just one reason we're doomed before we even jump on the plane to Brazil.

I've recently done a lot of research into what I regard as the reasons behind our 48 year drought, firstly after being interested in coaching myself I believe we are country miles away from where we should be in comparison to other top footballing nations.

The FA have recently spent a massive amount of money on St Georges Park, £105 million based on Howard Wilkinsons findings whilst FA Technical Director, Wilkinson visited all National Football Centre's and decided to follow the model in France at Clairefontaine Paris.

Why they chose to use Clairefontaine as the example to follow is presumably because it nurtured the 1998 World Champions and 2000 European Champions.

This is in my opinion the reason why we're miles apart from Spain, Germany, France and Italy, We have only just realised that our facilities and actual amount of coaches are way behind.

Below is a few figures I have researched and were published circa 2010,

The UEFA Badges B, A and PRO badges in numbers below show the real reason why we're behind our European neighbours.

Germany      34,970
Italy              29,420 
Spain           23,995 
France         17,558
England        2,769

And the cost for obtaining these badges vary massively, I could only find figures for 2013 for the following three,

Licence                                    Average Cost


England         1,170                    £ 5,800
Spain             12,720                  € 1,200
Germany        5,500                    €   530

UEFA Top Pro Licence Held

England        203
Spain            2,140
Germany      1,000+

These figures are really worrying and I really hope that St George's goes some way to helping us playing catch up and our young players progress like our foreign neighbours. 

I know the main arguement against these points are about the influx of foreign players playing in our top flight but I truly believe the reasons mentioned above are the real reason for our failure to bring FOOTBALL HOME.

Anyway I will still have the Football Fever disease come kick off in Brazil but its more wishful thinking.

Semper Fidelis