So Liverpool need a favour from Arsenal to make their summer a better prospect than it could be if Aston Villa win the Old Lady on Saturday.

Liverpool's summer schedule could differ hugely depending who lifts the FA Cup on Saturday, If Wenger wins it for a joint record 6 times then it would see Liverpool advance to the Europa League group stage meaning their first fixture would be on the 17th September but the other side of the coin a Villa win would mean the Pool would have to enter in the 3rd qualifying round beginning July 30th!

Liverpool's final game in Malaysia is on the 24th July not leaving much room for a decent prep or rest.

Either way if FSG keep BR this is a few players I think they could get in without much trouble and give Liverpool at least a chance at the top 4 next season. If not I fear Rogers will be gone by Christmas.

Player                              My Valuation

Christian Benteke                 25

Toby Alderweireld                7.0

Arturo Vidal                          25

Carl Jenkinson                    8-10

Stevan Jovetić                    8-10

James Milner                       15

Asmir Begović                       5

Petr Čech                              5